Hello! I chose being a veterinarian as a sort of “second career” and have never looked back! I was earning a PhD in molecular cell biology at Washington University School of Medicine, when I adopted two rescued dogs. After becoming more involved with dog rescue, I realized veterinary medicine would be the best career for me. After being accepted into multiple veterinary schools, I chose University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 2004.

I base my practice on a simple concept: treat people the way I would want to be treated. I take the time to explain diagnostic and treatment options, no matter how complex. My clients appreciate my directness and honesty the most, even when it’s “brutal honesty” sometimes. And, I have learned that laughing a little goes a long way in this job!

Karen Louis, acupuncture veterinarian
Karen Louis DVM, MS, cVMA

My clients know I am a doctor, but I am a real person. (Some of my dogs eat poop, no matter what I try.) I currently am “mom” to four rescue dogs, two of which are blind. Additionally, I rescue dogs with significant medical issues from rural animal controls, as well as rescue dogs from puppy mills.

I maintain a blog in order to create an accurate but entertaining online resource for pet owners. It’s called VetChick.com, and it contains articles covering a wide variety of pet health topics.

In 2012 I founded my house call exclusive general veterinary practice, Metro East Home Vet Care, and in 2017,  hired another vet, Dr. Laura Boeren, to help me!

Also in 2017 I became certified in veterinary medical acupuncture. This is different from Chinese Medicine. I learned acupuncture from a scientific point of view, communicating with nerves and blood vessels with acupuncture needles. (Here’s more on that!)

In 2019, I and my staff became certified in Low-Stress Handling. We are the first and only practice in the St. Louis area with this distinction, and we incorporate it into each appointment.

I look forward to getting to know new people and their pets! If you have a vet you love, but would like to add acupuncture and/or laser to your pet’s treatment plan, I can provide that treatment, and leave your other care to you and your veterinarian.  Nothing makes me happier than helping a cat or dog who has been sick or hurting, and making life better for the whole family.

Karen Louis DVM, MS, cVMA, LSHC-S